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National Electronic Library of Health Links for patients

Free online medical textbooks and resources

bulletAnaesthetic Pharmacology  Virtual Anaesthetic Textbook

Teaching Files in Anatomy,Physiology,Clinical Pharmacology  Free registration is needed  The Atlas of the Human Body   Anatomy of the Human Body  Virtual Anatomy and AutopsyThe Muscle Dissector VISIBLE HUMAN Skull Anatomy Interactive Anatomy  Anatomical Tour Of The Ear Atlas of Brain Lung Anatomy Encyclopedia of human anatomical variation


bulletBiology Hypertextbook
bulletThe Biology Project - An interactive online resource for the teaching of basic biological principle. Tutorials, activities and quizzes cover biochemistry, cell biology, chemicals and human health, developmental biology, human biology, immunology, Mendelian genetics and molecular biology

Clinical Genetics:

bulletA Self Study for Health Care Providers

bulletDermatology Online Atlas also at Dermatology Online Atlas Germany
bulletElectronic Textbook of Dermatology - USA

Ear, Nose and Throat
bulletPractical ENT For Primary Care Physicians - Canada

Emergency Medicine
bulletemedicine - (US)
bulletThe Gist of Emergency Medicine pdf or html download

bulletWheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
bulletFractures of the Lower Limb 
bulletFractures of the Upper Limb 
bulletIntroduction to the Principles of Fracture Management 
bulletMuscle injuries

bulletMERRIAM WEBSTER'S MEDICAL DICTIONARY - HealthGate Data Corporation Diagnostic Procedures Handbook (over 294 procedures) Symptoms, Illness & Surgery  Medical Tests (over 400 medical tests)
bulletFirst Look/Second Look  
bulletMerck Manual  and Merck Manual of Geriatrics
bulletLung Sounds

General Practice
bulletVirtual Hospital - Univ. of Iowa FP Handbook, 3rd Ed.
bulletManual of Primary Care - US Navy (US)
bulletPut Prevention Into Practice - Clinician's Handbook

Infectious Diseases
bulletMedical Management of HIV Infection - John G. Bartlett, MD (US)

Medical Informatics
bulletLecture Notes - Columbia University (US)

bulletMedical Microbiology US 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
bulletOperational Obstetrics & Gynecology - U.S. Navy 
bulletSurgical Emergencies in Obstetrics and Gynecology - U.S. 
bulletColposcopy Introduction
bulletThe visible Embryo 

Occupational Medicine
bulletFlight Surgeon Manual - U.S. Navy (US)
bulletManual of Naval Preventive Medicine - US Navy (US)

bulletPaediatric Database -  (US)

Atlas of Pathology 
PathWeb The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education Pathology 

Multimedia textbook of Radiology
Diagnostic Imaging of the Chest
Radiology Teaching cases  Normal Radiologic Anatomy: X-Ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound
Adult Uroradiology Rounds Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton Echocardiographic- Interactive Education E-chocardiography on line

bulletEmergency War Surgery Handbook - NATO 
bulletNeurosurgery Resident's Handbook - (US)
bulletAtlas of Surgery

Travel medicineOperational Obstetrics & Gynecology

bulletEmporiatrics: an introduction to travel medicine -
bulletCDC - Travelers Health

bulletHandbook of Transfusion Medicine  

Other Sites
bulletMultimedia textbooks and learning resources - University of Ohio (US)

Online calculators and scores           

Blood Alcohol Concentration
Blood Oxygen Content
Body Mass Index
Body Mass Index Calculator

Bradycardia Treatment Algorithm
Celsius to Fahrenheit
Clinical Calculator
Fahrenheit to Celsius
Free Water Deficit
GI Bleed Complication Risk
Heath Risk Calculator

Hypernatremia Treatment Algorithm
Hyponatremia Treatment Algorithm
Ionized Calcium Estimation
Kilograms to Pounds
MatWeb Tools

Maximum Allowable Blood Loss Calculator

Mean Arterial Pressure
Myocardial Infarction Probability (Goldman)
Nephrology Calculators

Opioid Drug Dosage Calculator
Pounds to Kilograms
Predicted Alveolar-Arterial Gradient For Age
Predicted Endotracheal Tube Size for Age
Predicted Peak Expiratory Flow in Females
Predicted Peak Expiratory Flow in Males
Pregnancy Calculator
Rash Diagnosis Algorithm
Room Air Alveolar-Arterial Gradient
Rule of Nines (burns)
Salicylate Toxicity Nomogram
Serum Osmolarity Estimation
Sodium Bicarbonate Replacement
Sodium Correction in Hyperglycemia
Trauma Score Calculator and Chart
Ventilated Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Infant Mortality Calculator


Alvarado Appendicitis Score
Apache II Score
Apgar Score
Bleeding Probability After TPA for MI
Cardiac Arrest: Likelihood of Mortality & Neurologic Recovery
Community-Acquired Pneumonia Mortality Risk
Coronary Disease Probability
Crotalid Snakebite Severity Score
Croup Score
Geriatric Depression Scale (Koenig)
Glasgow Coma Scale
Mangled Extremity Severity score
Mini Mental Status Exam
NIH Stroke Scale
Pancreatitis Mortality Prediction (Ranson)
Strep Pharyngitis Probability Score
TWEAK Alcoholism Score
Trauma Score Survival Probability



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