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"The people have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care......We have more to offer doctors than our illnesses."

The surgery Patient participation group, Communicare, was established in 1981 by Dr Holland and Mrs Clare Wagstaffe who saw the benefit of patient involvement within the Practice. Clare has remained active in the group since then currently as secretary as well being Secretary of the National Association of PPGs. Our PPG is one of the oldest in the country and has just celebrated with its 30th Annual General meeting

How does it work?

A forum which encourages open discussion of changes and ideas within the practice. We are not a forum for clinical complaint - but we can defuse more general concerns through open discussion. There are many more schemes which Communicare, in association with the Practice, could develop - but we need VOLUNTEERS to continue the great work already underway! Your Practice Needs You, whether you can help in a small or large way . We would appreciate your involvement. Please contact Clare Wagstaffe by email superfoguk@aol.com   or tel 01780 470437 for further information

The Wansford and Kings Cliffe Patient participation group Communicare is now using a webshop to help raise money

Exciting news! The patient partipication group is now fundraising using a webshop. All funds raised will be used by Communicare to support activities or purchases for the benefit of the patient of Wansford surgery

When shopping online, you can access over 100 leading retailers - such as BT, Thorntons, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis - using our webshop. Every time you use our webshop to go to a retailer’s web site and subsequently buy something, you’ll automatically earn money for us!

You don’t pay anything extra by using our webshop, so please try to use it whenever you can. Please spread the word. Thank you!

Find our webshop at www.buy.at/wansford.


Major developments:

The establishment of a voluntary transport scheme, taking patients to and from surgeries and hospitals.                                                                                               

  An elderly patient Group: Laxton Clinic, which provides a monthly social gathering, day trips and short holidays                                                                                                

Increased patient involvement with the Primary Health Care Team which has resulted in donations of over 40,000. This has funded the purchase of numerous items of equipment: eg. a treatment couch, nebulisers, ECG machines, ripple mattresses, syringe drivers and patient information leaflets. These items are in constant use and benefit patients every day.

buttonWe purchased an echocardiogram machine  for use in heart problem diagnosis along with contributions from the Harry Cureton Charitable trust and the British Heart Foundation- Cheque donations should be made to Communicare
Details from Clare Wagstaffe   or tel 01780 470437 for further information

We have been able to plan extended services for our patients and further afield in the area thanks to an equipment grant from Harry Cureton charitable trust which is enabling us to get a state of the art slit lamp for eye examinations as well as equipment for hearing tests and heart scans

COMMUNICARE Meeting reports Tuesday 12th May.

Unfortunately a full agenda discussion was not possible due to the absence of an attending doctor or practice manager. However the Treasurer reported minor items of income and expenditure which resulted in an increase of £70 The voluntary transport scheme is operating smoothly and charges will be maintained at the current rates for the time being. Some disquiet was voiced regarding the legitimacy of some requests for the service. It was stressed that users should have no other means of transport - either family or friends or could be provided with official hospital vehicles. Also voluntary drivers are not expected to act as carers to the patients - anyone using the service who requires assistance of any kind during the journey or at either end must be suitably accompanied. In the event of an accident or emergency, any involvement by the driver could invalidate insurance cover.

A kind offer has been received from a group in Wittering of childrens' toys for the surgery waiting rooms - this will be followed up. The Secretary reported on progress in the design and production of a new leaflet about the PPG (Patient Participation Group) which could be given out to all new patients and also be available at the surgeries - this will give full details of what Communicare is, how it works, the services offered and how new members can get involved.

An email had been received from the Nene Commissioning Community Interests company which covers all the 61 practices within the Kettering and East Northants Primary Care Trust. However it was not quite clear as to how involvement with this organisation could be beneficial, but at this stage it was agreed to provide them with information about Communicare and await further communications.

45 members of the social group have been away on their Spring holiday to Shropshire - a lovely break enjoyed by all. The next outing is a day trip by coach to Southwold, a charming traditional seaside resort in Suffolk, on Wednesday 17th June - seats are still available cost £19 per person.
The Autumn holiday is to the Lake District on 27th September, staying for four nights at a riverside hotel in Kendal. These events are becoming increasingly popular, so anyone interested in either the Southwold or Kendal trips should contact Clare Wagstaffe (01780 470437) as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The next coffee morning will be at Yarwell Village Hall on Friday 19th June at 10.00am and the next general business meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th July at Wansford Surgery at 12.45 pm.

COMMUNICARE Meeting reports Thursday 12th March

In the absence of the Treasurer the Secretary reported an increase in funds held of just over £300.
Dr. Nally confirmed that permission has now been granted for a pharmacy to be opened at Wansford surgery. The doctors had been delighted with the level of support received from patients for this scheme - written evidence had played a vital part in securing a positive outcome. Thanks were expressed to everyone who had contributed towards this very satisfactory result. It is hoped to have the pharmacy up and running within six months - it will operate in conjunction with the dispensary and will sell a range of appropriate over-the-counter medicines and products.
Dr. Nally also reported that the local planning authority have agreed the creation of a second car park on the lower level field area with a separate entrance from the road. A pedestrian walkway will be made between the two car parks but unfortunately because of an existing gas main which crosses the land, the cost of building vehicle access from one to the other is prohibitive. The surgery plans to apply for landfill grants towards the cost of creating a garden area overlooking the river valley. It was suggested that when the time comes and patients and the local community are encouraged to enjoy this new amenity, donations of seats, trees and plants, perhaps in memory of someone, could be sought.
The transport scheme charges were discussed - small increases for journeys to Stamford and Peterborough were suggested - these to be ratified by the Treasurer before implementation. The meeting agreed an expenditure of up to £200 for the purchase of an acupressure tool to be used by the doctors in conjunction with acupunture.
The practice manager, Denise Wilson, reported on the results of the recent patient survey. Two hundred and ten questionnaires had been given out and
179 returned completed. A high percentage were regular patients and most aspects of the survey received a positive response. Concern was raised, however, with regard to patient confidentiality within the Reception Areas of both surgeries - ideas to overcome this problem were discussed with a view to providing better facilities as quickly as possible. Suggestions had also been made to replenish the childrens' toys in the Waiting Areas - it was agreed that Communicare would donate funds for the purchase of suitable replacements.
Discussion took place regarding means of making a wider age group of patients more aware of Communicare, its function, relevance, and the benefits it provides for both patients and surgeries. Various ideas for new literature and notices will be investigated. The next meeting will be held at Wansford on Tuesday 12th May at 12.45pm.
The Social Group next meets at Yarwell Village Hall on Friday 17th April at 10.0am for their monthly coffee morning. The first of the summer day trips is on Wednesday 15th April to Henley-in-Arden and Stratford-upon-Avon.
The spring four-night coach holiday to Shropshire leaves on Sunday 17th May.
Anyone interested in more information on the social activities should contact Clare Wagstaffe 01780 470437.

Notes by Wendy Spencer

The social group get together again on Friday 13th March at Yarwell Village Hall at 10.0am - a chance for a coffee, meeting new friends and getting news of the various activities planned for the summer. The season kicks off with a day trip on Wednesday 15th April to the market at Henley-in-Arden in Warwickshire and Stratford-upon-Avon. The first four night coach holiday of the year from Sunday 17th - Thursday 21st May is to the Lion Quays Hotel on the banks of the Llangollen Canal north of Oswestry in Shropshire. There are still places available for this holiday but a fairly quick decision is necessary.
Other day trips are planned for June, August and October, and the second short break holiday will be late September. Further details of all these will be issued in future newsletters. If you would like more information or to make a booking for the first day trip or the Shropshire holiday please contact Clare Wagstaffe on 01780 470437.






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