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Hints and tips for Google:

Google defaults to using Boolean logic "and": i.e. lobster applesauce searches for both lobster and applesauce within a Web page.

Search for phrases using "": "scary roller coaster" searches for the phrase "scary roller coaster" within the search results.

Google uses stopwords; that is, words that are so common they won't be included in a search. If you try searching for "I must take the a-train" you will get over 30 results because both I and a are stop words and Google will ignore them. You can force Google to include a stopword within a phrase by putting a + in front of it. "+I must take the +a-train" will give you only three results.

You can also use + in non-phrase searches. a-train will get you over 490,000 results, but +a-train will get you less than 73,000.

You can use - to make sure that a certain result doesn't appear in the site. +a-train -jazz gets you less than 70,000 results. You can use the - with phrases too: +a-train -jazz -"train set" -"train ride" -"train collecting" will also narrow your search down.

Here's something else you can try with Google. link: will get you a list of pages that link to the URL you specify. link:http://www.cnbc.com gets you a list of those pages that link to CNBC.com . You can't add in anything else with this search, though: +link:http://www.cnbc.com +"squawk box" doesn't change the results at all.

Special super-secret syntax! site: will search for keywords in a particular domain. For example,

search site:google.com

will find instances of the word "search" on the google.com site





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