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The latest kid on the block is SUMSEARCH at http://SUMSearch.uthscsa.edu
which is a free tool to allow to search the biomedical literature - the results are sorted for you so you choose from general info ( like the merck manual) , systematic reviews or original research. Other useful sites include:
      Medline      PubMed      

TRIP Database collates ebm resources

Evidence-Based Medicine    
Journal Club on the Web

InfoRetriever for Windows 95-98-NT
Internet Grateful Med V2.6.3
Cochrane Reviews - Abstracts
Journal of Family Practice   POEMs Index
NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

An Introduction to Information Mastery
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Centres for Health Evidence
Cochrane Library Training Program and Materials
EBM Bibliography - Italian Group
EBM Glossary
McMaster University - Health Information Research Unit
Netting the Evidence A ScHARR Introduction
NICE - National Institute for Clinical Excellence
The EBM Toolbox
User Guides to the Medical Literature (JAMA)
User's Guides to Evidence-Based Practice
Critically appraised topics Clinical guidelines
CAT Bank: cebm - Oxford
CAT Index - Univ. of North Carolina
CAT Listing - Univ. of Rochester
Critical Appraisal Index - Canadian Family Physician
NICE - National Institute for Clinical Excellence - Appraisals
Pediatric CATs - University of Washington
Pediatric EBM - Univ. of Michigan
Search the CATbank and NNTs  
AAFP Clinical Policy Review Form
ACC/AHA Guidelines for the Management of Acute MI
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
AHCPR Clinical Practice Guidelines
Measuring Health Care Quality - Diabetes
Measuring Health Care Quality - Health Risk Behaviors Among Adults
Measuring Health Care Quality - Low Back Pain
Measuring Health Care Quality - Major Depression
National Guideline Clearinghouse
National Institutes of Health
NLM - Health Services/Technology Assessment Text
USPSTF - Guide to Clinical Preventive Services 2nd Ed
Body Mass Index Calculator
Clinical Significance Calculator
NNT calculators and EBM tools
Pediatric Medical Calculators
The EBM Toolbox
The Medical Algorithms Project 
More information and described links  for searching the literature:
The Internet

Internet Project Training Kits
The Health Care Libraries Unit's online courses in Using the Internet and Finding Biomedical Information on the Internet.

The Online Netskills Interactive Course. A course of instruction on using the Internet. It is free but registration is required.

Beginners' Central
An online textbook on using the internet.

Microsoft's Internet Guide
An online tutorial in using the web. 

Literature Searching
Finding the Evidence - Sources of Information and Evidence (download here)
The Main Health Databases (download here)
Search Exercises (download here)
Exercise 1: Netting the Evidence Test (download here)
Netting the Evidence Test Crib Sheet (download here)
Exercise 2: Search Tools (download here)
Exercise 3: Information Quality (download here)
Health Psychology Page Crib Notes (download
Acupuncture Page Crib Notes (download here)
Berkshire Disability Information Network Page Crib Notes (download here


The US National Library of Medicine's database of references and abstracts from 4300 biomedical journals. The library offers PubMed and Internet Grateful Med with which to search MEDLINE.

PubMed and Internet Grateful Med Training Manuals
Available in pdf and Word 6.1 format. There is also an on-line IGM User's Guide.

Guide to Searching MEDLINE-HealthSTAR on the World Wide Web
from the University of California

Free MEDLINE - Search Advanced PubMed Medline

Searching MEDLINE - the Basics, MEDLINE: Using the Web Gateway and Advanced Strategies for Searching Medline.
Guides from Duke University.

Interactive OVID tutorial
This guide from Duke University is designed to show you step-by-step the basic components of a MEDLINE database search using the Ovid Web Gateway.


ACP ASIM Observer's Pointers for making the most of your Medline searches


The BMJ's guide to using The Medline Database by Trisha Greenhalgh.

EBM Information on Medline
A tutorial from the Thomas Jefferson University.

Medline Glossary
from the University of Alberta.


(Retrieving Evidence in South and West for Clinical Effectiveness) A training package on searching for evidence, for use by librarians.

A Guide to Sources of Evidence
A guide to some of the publications, databases, web resources and organisations that may be useful in helping you to locate evidence-based health care information. Compiled by librarians in the Health Libraries and Information Network (HeLIN) in the Anglia & Oxford Region and the CASP team.

The Cochrane Library
An electronic publication designed to supply high quality evidence to inform people providing and receiving care, and those responsible for research, teaching, funding and administration at all levels. Training Materials - Downloads for training in the use of the Cochrane Library including self teaching guides, handouts and teaching packs.

The Cochrane Manual
Available on line or as a downloadable Word file.

Strategies for Searching Health Literature.
From Canadian Centres For Health Evidence.

Organising Medical Networked Information. A gateway to high quality biomedical Internet resources.

( Applying Diagnosis, (a)Etiology, Prognosis & Therapy methodological filters to retrieving the evidence ) ScHARR's online course in EBM Literature Searching.

Literature Searching
Exercises and guides from ScHARR.

Information Retrieval Skills for Medicine
From Leicester University. The aim of this tutorial is to equip you with an understanding of the nature of biomedical literature and the skills required to retrieve information. 



Guide to Searching MEDLINE-HealthSTAR on the World Wide Web

Searching HealthSTAR
An introduction to HealthSTAR from Indiana University School of Medicine.

HealthSTAR IGM Search
The HealthSTAR bibliographic database provides access to the published literature of Health Services Technology, Administration, and Research, produced cooperatively by the National Library of Medicine and the American Hospital Association. The database contains citations, with abstracts where available, to journal articles, monographs, technical reports, meeting abstracts and papers, book chapters, government documents and newspaper articles from 1975 to the present.



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