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EMIS is the medical record system used at Wansford surgery since 1989.   We were the second practice to purchase this system which is now used in over 50% of British General practices

Beginners Guide to EMIS

Good practice guidelines for Electronic medical records

National EMIS user group web site

EMIS online website

Index of EMIS fax sheets

READ codes - links and presentation

Mailings lists:

EMIS users mailing list

Join or leave GP-UK mailing list --- Search GP-UK archives

EVIDENCE-BASED-HEALTH - for people working in and teaching evidence-based health care 
Wisdom - health care professionals skilled in the use of information handling and information technology 

Wansford web Search 

UK Nurses Discussion Group - ListBot list
NPUK - mailing list for nurse practitioners

Computer system AccreditationRFA99
Data Protection The Data Protection Registrar

General Practice OOH management Systems Adastra

Related Mentor GP-CARE SAFE Health Drug Database ITS(Wales) Ltd Medidesk

Prodigy A national prescribing support system available to GPs. Developed by a multi-disciplinary team including doctors, pharmacists and researchers at Newcastle University in partnership with clinical systems suppliers and the NHS Executive. It gives the latest advice but allows total choice in the final decision. Information leaflets are available and can be printed out and given to patients if thought appropriate. The system will be updated by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence(NICE)

Intranet The New NHS Intranet & Internet Conference

Visual Read Codes 

NHS Information Authority Standards Branch - NHS Information AuthorityOn April 1st 1999 the Information Management Centre (IMC) became the standards branch of the NHS Information Authority

Health Service Computing
Health information on the Internet PDF version online

Other General Practice Systems  Exeter Systems General Practice Administration System for Scotland Healthy Software Option Software Microtest PCTI Solutions Ltd Seetec Medical Systems Pennine Medical Systems Torex Medical Ltd Torex Meditel Ltd VAMP Software


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