Dr Amrit Takhar,
Dr Rhiannon Nally,
Dr Nigel Hume.
Dr Louise Baker,
Dr Catherine Jones,

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Wansford and Kings Cliffe Practice - online since 1995

New Surgery Website
We launched a new practice website at www.wansfordsurgery.co.uk in September

During October the previous online appointment and prescription systems  have moved from EMISonline to Systmone online. If you have an existing id and password this should still work on the new site. Thank you for bearing with this during this major computer upgrade. However remember that if you go direct to the prescriptions and appointments booking pages to UPDATE your bookmarks or favourites in your web browser

Wansford surgery Twitter feed - tweets about health and surgery news. The twitter feed can also be viewed on Facebook
Submit Blood pressure online form – many of you now have home Blood pressure monitors and this can be convenient way of submitting your BP reading without needing to visit the surgery
Download travel questionnaire if you travelling to exotic locations where you might need special vaccinations or anti malaria medication – please download the form for submission to the surgery prior to a nurse appointment

Wansford Surgery Main entrance

Wansford Smile Studio- a private dental service in the Barn extension has been a successful addition to the services on site since 2010. A major refit and refurbishment with the latest dental equipment has been undertaken. Dentist Alex Macras works from the dental suite with a dental hygenist and own reception area.

Pop in to have a look or phone 01780 784949

Have a look at their new website @ Wansford Smile Studio


  Surgery information

Wansford Pharmacy - now open and run by Wansford Health. We have employed Paul Johnson as a full time pharmacist. The pharmacy is open 830 to 1pm and 2 to 630pm Monday to Friday and Saturday opening 9-1pm. There will be a doctor on duty 9-12 noon on Saturdays. The pharmacy can also accept prescriptions from patients registered at any other surgery and we can arrange to pick up your prescriptions and deliver when needed


Why are you here today? Who can help - guides which are on display in Wansford and Kings cliffe practice to show the range of conditions and procedures dealth with by Community practitioners, Practice nurses, Health Care assistants, Pharmacists as well as the GP


Pharmacy lunch hour is 1- 2pm when prescriptions can be ordered or bought but collection is not possible as the pharmacist has to be present for collection.

Pharmacy direct telephone number for stock and collection queiries and to speak to a pharmacist is 01780 781616

Visit the new Wansford Pharmacy website



Research studies @ Wansford - We are one of the most active GP research sites in the United Kingdom. Please ask reception or call our research nurses Heather Menzies ir Jane Elwood on 01780 781263 if you are interested in taking part in research studies

Currently recruiting - We are currently recruiting patients for studies on Diabetes mellitus, psoriasis Atrial fibrillation, Weight loss intervention, Low back pain We are also running studies on COPD, Breathlessness and data sharing. DR Amrit Takhar is the GP research lead with DR Nally is a sub-investigator Dr Hume has been involved as subinvestigator for several studies Our research nurses are Heather Menzies and Jane Elwood.In the past year we have taken part in studies on Heart disease prevention , Vaccines , Diabetes mellitus , Asthma, Depression, COPD, Tinnitus , Intestinal Infectious disease amd Itchy scalps.














Depending on your urgent or emergency need you should either

  • ring the surgery 01780 782342,
  • visit www.nhs.uk for advice on your medical problems
  • Out of hours ring 01733 293838 for City Care centre out of hours and the 111 service (after 630 pm and at weekends)
  • Dial 999 for an ambulance immediately for emergencies such as:
    chest pain, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, severe loss of blood, severe burns and scalds, choking, fitting/convulsions, drowning, and severe allergic reactions.


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