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Medicine & Patient Groups on the Web  Medical 
Journals and Newspapers  EBM   

Bandolier - Journal on evidence based medicine from Oxford Anglia NHS region
BBC Health News - Major health & medical news stories from the BBC
BBC News - UK TV & radio service
BMJ Publishing Group Journals - UK British Medical Journal & other titles
British Jnl of Community Health Nursing - UK journal for community health & district nurses
British Jnl of Health Care Management - UK journal for NHS & health service management news
British Journal of Nursing - UK journal for nurses
British Medical Journal - Key UK journal for medical & health service news
Catalogue of Nursing & Healthcare Journals - Listings for over 400 journals in clinical nursing, nursing education, nursing research & related healthcare fields. Includes publication details and links to those journals which have a Web site
Chest - Publication for respiratory & cardiopulmonary disorders
Clinical Evidence - EBM journal which identifies key clinical questions and reviews the evidence around them
CONNECT Pharma Ltd - Pharmaceutical industry news
Doctor - Weekly news for UK GPs
dotPHARMACY - Chemist & Druggist
Electronic Telegraph - Online version of the UK Daily Telegraph
EQUIP magazine - Education of General Practitioners in Essex
Evidence-Based Nursing - New EBM journal from BMJ publishing group
Evidence-Based Purchasing - Journal for EBM-based commissioning of healthcare services
Family Practice - Journal for UK GPs/general practitioners
Financial Times Group - Publisher of the FT newspaper & other business sources
Guardian - UK daily newspaper
Gut - Key journal for digestive & gastrointestinal disorders           
Health Matters magazine - UK consumers' views on the NHS & healthcare services
Health News - Updates on medical and health stories from the Royal Society of Medicine & the Media Medical Agency
Health Service Computing - Publication for IT developments in primary and secondary care
Health Service Journal - Key UK magazine for NHS & healthcare managers
Health-media-net - News and info for health media and medical community. Health related news releases.
Hospital Medicine - UK/British journal for secondary care
Independent - UK daily newspaper
JAMA - Key US journal of the American Medical Association
Jnl Allergy & Clinical Immunology - Key journal for allergic & respiratory disorders including asthma
Jnl of Applied Physiology - General medical journal
Journal of Hypertension
Journal of Informatics in Primary Care

Lancet - Key UK medical journal
Medical Journal Finder - Search for details of medical journals, including publisher, frequency & price
Medical journals on the Web - Comprehensive list of all medical journals that have websites
Nature - Key scientific journal
New England Journal of Medicine - Key US/American medical journal
New Scientist - Key UK scientific magazine
Newswatch UK - Summary of the main business & political stories covered by UK/British newspapers, plus sports & showbiz news
Nurse Practitioner - Key UK/British journal for nurses & nursing
Nursing Standard - Key UK/British journal for nurses
Pharmaceutical Journal - Cover-to-cover content of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's official journal
Pharmacy Magazine - Monthly news for pharmacists
Practice Nurse - News for nurses & nursing in general practice/primary care
Practice Nursing - News for nurses in general practice/primary care
Respiratory Medicine - Journal for asthma, COPD and other chest & airways diseases
Reuters Health News - Healthcare, pharmaceutical & medical news
Sunday Times - UK Sunday newspaper       
Teletext - UK news service
Times - UK daily newspaper
WebMedLit - Database of citations from 22 medical journals including the BMJ, NEJM & JAMA, with links to the article or abstract at the individual journal's Web site
WHICH? Online Health
Yahoo News - News service, mostly US/American

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine - Key UK/British EBM organisation
Centre for Evidence-Based Child Health (London) - UK/British EBM group for children/paediatircs
Cochrane Collaboration - The International Cochrane Collaboration facilitates the creation, review, maintenance and dissemination of high quality overviews of the effects of health care
Controlled Trials - Controlled trials database from Current Science promotes the exchange of information about controlled trials in all areas of health & social care. Includes a meta register of controlled trials plus links to other controlled trials registers on the Web, trial protocols, journals & databases
Critical Appraisal - User guides to medical literature and evidence-based medicine
Effective Health Care Bulletins - Journal on effectiveness of health care interventions from the NHS Centre for Reviews & Dissemination
Evidence Based Medicine - Key EBM site
Evidence-Based Medicine
Health Care Evaluation Unit - Support unit for the NHS National R&D Initiative with appraisal instruments for clinical guidelines, publications and relevant links
Health Economics Journal (York) - UK journal for economic evaluation in healthcare
Health Economics Research Group (HERG Brunel Uni.) - UK centre for economic evaluation in healthcare
Health Evidence Bulletins - Updates on evidence-based health topics from the University of Wales College of Medicine
Health Information Research Unit, McMaster Univ. - Resources for evidence-based medicine (EBM)
Health Services Research Group - Organisation for the study of healthcare services
HEED - Health Economics Evaluation Database - Information on the economic aspects of drugs & medical treatments
IDEA - Internet Database of Evidence-Based Abstracts and Articles from Oregon Health Sciences University
Journal of Evidence-Based Health Policy & Management - For best evidence available about the financing, organisation and delivery of health care
National Centre for Clinical Audit - Links to databases and libraries for clinical audit and evidence based medicine (requires registration). Part of NICE.
Netting the Evidence - A ScHARR introduction to evidence based practice on the Internet
NHS Centre For Reviews and Dissemination - Key UK/British centre for evidence-based medicine/EBM
ORION - Over 500 pages of pharmacoeconomics & outcomes research information from Hoechst Marion Roussel
ScHARR School of Health & Related Research - EBM publications & links from University of Sheffield
Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network - Develops and publishes evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for use by the health service in Scotland.
Suffolk Medical Audit group - Clinical audit activity and links to EBM/evidence-based medicine sites
Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health - Reports on evaluation of medical treatments and details of ongoing projects
The Wisdom Centre - Resource Pack for Clinical Governance - educational resources, training organisations & core references

Medicine & Patient Groups on the Web                    

Action on Smoking and Health - London-based charity providing information on all aspects of tobacco and campaigning to reduce the addiction, disease and premature death caused by smoking

AEGIS - Aids Education Global Information System with sections for patients on HIV & AIDS, treatment issues and news on drug trials
AIDS/HIV: Terence Higgins Trust - UK charity for AIDS/HIV patients
AIDSmap - All aspects of AIDS and HIV treatment for health professionals, patients and carers, from the National AIDS Manual & the British HIV Association
AIR - Allergy Internet Resources
Alcohol Concern
Alzheimer's Disease Society - UK organisation for sufferers of dementia and their carers
American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
Anaesthesia - Educational site from Zeneca for anaesthesiology & critical care professionals.
Anthony Nolan Trust - UK organisation for leukaemia & bone marrow transplant patients
Arthritis and Rheumatism Council - information on inflammatory diseases of the joints
Asthma & Allergy Information & Research - information on respiratory disease & treatments
Asthma Information Centre - JAMA
Asthma Management - NHS Executive National Research & Development Programme
Asthma Under Control - information for patients with respiratory disease
Asthmaweb - Educational & information resource tool for healthcare professionals in respiratory medicine (from 3M)
BACUP - Aims to help people live with cancer by providing information, emotional support and counselling
Benign Prostactic Hypertrophy
Breast Cancer On-line - Journals, conference reports, links to related databases & news sites (content is peer-reviewed by breast cancer experts)
British Diabetic Association - UK organisation for diabetes patients
British Epilepsy Assoc. - UK organisation for patients with epilepsy
British Lung Foundation - Funds research into all lung diseases, provides information and support for lung disease and promotes lung health
British Medical Acupuncture Society - Information about the society and lists of qualified acupuncture practitioners by area.
British Orthopeadic Association               
Bristol Urological Institute
Cancerhelp UK - From the CRC Institute for Cancer Studies, Birmingham University
CancerLit - Bibliographic database of cancer information covering specialist journals, conference abstracts, books, reports & doctoral theses
CancerWeb - Database of peer-reviewed summaries on cancer treatment, screening, prevention & supportive care
Cardio.net - Information on cardiovascular disease including diabetes complications, supported by a grant from Zeneca
CDC NPIN - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Prevention Information Network
Cerebral Palsy Action
Colds and Influenza Monitor - Charlotte Street.com - cold and 'flu monitoring system launched by SKB
Dermatology Online Atlas
Diabetes - Adults - Information for adult diabetics
Diabetes - Children - Information for diabetic children
Diabetes Self-Management - Self-help information for diabetics
Digestive Disorders Foundation - UK organisation for patients with gastrointestinal & digestive system disorders
DrugInfoZone - drug information for effective healthcare
European Academy of Allerology and Clinical Immunology
European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring           

ERIC - Enuresis Resource and Information Centre
Food Allergy
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths - Organisation for research in to cot deaths and other causes of neonatal & paediatric mortality
Fractures - Hope University Hospital, Manchester
GASNet - Global Anesthesiology Server Network with journal abstracts, book reviews & reference materails and other Internet resources for anesthesiology professionals
Gastrosite - Information on ulcer disease and other gastrointestinal disorders, for US healthcare professionals (sponsored by GW)
GI on the net - An educational service on gastrointestinal disease & related topics (sponsored by GW)
Glaxo Neurological Centre - Information centre for people with neurological conditions
GlaxoWellcome Institute for Digestive Health - (GIDH) - GW-sponsored site for research in digestive & gastrointestinal disorders
Good Allergy Practice - combined Royal College of Physicians & Royal College Pathologists site
GPs in Asthma - Discussion group for general practitioners interested in asthma & respiratory disease
Health Index UK - Healthcare information, news, views and discussion
HeartInfo - Information for patients and healthcare professionals on cardiovascular disease, treatment and prevention
HELIX - Healthcare Education, Learning and Information Exchange GW Inc.
Hepatitis Network - Information on symptoms & treatments for liver disease
HerpesHelp - US Consumer site selling Valtrex direct to patients
HerpesWeb - Information on genital herpes for patients & healthcare professionals (development funded by GW)
HIV and AIDS in the BMJ and the Lancet - Information on HIV & AIDS as published in key medical journals
HIV Care - Glaxo Wellcome HIV web site
HIV/AIDS treatment directory - Directory of AIDS drugs from the American Foundation for AIDS Research with links to abstracts of original research and listing of current clinical trials
Institute of Psychiatry - Organisation for study of mental health and psychiatric problems
Interactive Patient Home Page - Information for patients on diseases, disorders & their treatment
International Union Against Cancer - Information about UICC programs & publications, plus details of oncology conferences & meetings
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Patient information on IBS and the treatment Colpermin (from Pharmacia & Upjohn)
JAMA HIV/AIDS Information Center - HIV/AIDS information from the Journal of the American Medical Association, supported by Glaxo Wellcome
JAMA Migraine Information Center - Migraine & headache information from the Joumal of the American Medical Association
Managing Your Diabetes home page - Information for diabetic patients
Marie Curie Cancer Care - Information for patients with cancer/tumours & their treatment
Mental Health Foundation - Organisation for psychiatric disorders
Migraine Resource Center - Dedicated to the better understanding and treatment of migraine
Multiple Sclerosis - Organisation for patients with MS/multiple sclerosis
ational AIDS Trust - Independent UK AIDS charity
National Osteoporosis Society
North American Menopause Society
Oxford Pain internet site - Evidence-based appraisals of pain intervention therapies
Patient Support Centre - The Patient Support Trust is one of the UK's leading providers of patient advice and information
PharmInfoNet DiseaseCenters - Links organised by medical specialty and specific diseases & medical conditions
Positive Action - GlaxoWellcome's page on HIV/AIDS
Prostate Help Association - Information for patients with BPH & other prostate disorders
Psoriasis Association
Relenza - Glaxo Wellcome Inc influenza site               

Roche HIV website - Information on AIDS & treatments from Roche
Self Help UK - Details of over 1,000 self-help organisations and support groups
Stroke Association
Stroke booklet
UNAIDS - The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS hosts the Global HIV/AIDS & STD Surveillance Working Group.  The Global Report on HIV/AIDS Epidemic-June 1998, and a range of Epidemiological Fact Sheets by country are now available


Achoo - A search engine for medical information
BioMedNet - Evaluated database of biological & medical Internet resources plus full text journals
BMJ Publishing Conference listing - Conference details from UK British Medical Journal
CiteLine - Search engine for health & medical sources, covering over 6,000 evaluated sites
CliniWeb - Index and table of contents to clinical information
Compliance to Concordance website - Website targeted at anyone involved in patient centered prescribing
Diagnostic Procedure Handbook - Quick reference on 294 clinical procedures
DocLinks UK - Links to Web sites of interest to medical professionals in the United Kingdom
Doctor's Guide to Medical Conferences & Meetings - Forthcoming international medical meetings
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Health & medical sites
Doctor's Guide to the Internet Handbook - Links to medical current awareness services, medical databases & consumer health information
DoctorsNet - Databases, reference material,research and forums
Drs Desk - Guidelines for management of clinical conditions, medical journals, patient information and links to other medical resources
Family Practice Handbook - Quick reference for common problems in general practice
General Complementary Medicine References - Links to alternative medicine sites eg chiropractic, herbal medicine, homeopathy etc
General Practice On-Line - Information & useful links for GPs & family practitioners
Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources - A gateway to internet medical gateways
Health Communication Network - Biomedical & health information for medical professionals & patients
Health on the Net Foundation - Medical papers, healthcare conference details and searchable database of medical images. HONselect search engine works across 5 different types of database to focus and accelerate queries
Healthfinder - US government's directory of health information, with links to online journals, medical dictionaries, disease prevention & self-care
HealthGate - The Wellness Center offers consumers and patients health information on conditions from Alzheimer's Disease to skin cancer, plus explanations of 295 diagnostic procedures
HealthinFocus - Evaluated health and medical information for UK consumers and health professionals
Healthworks online - Health & medical journals, UK organisations, Web links to healthcare sites
InPharm - New, views and info in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
Internet Medicine - Links to 250 medical sites, grouped by medical specialty
Martindale's Health Science Guide - A multimedia specialised information resource
Mayo Clinic - Medical information for patients & healthcare professionals on a wide range of topics, updated daily
Medem (Medical Empowerment) - High quality health information for doctors and their patients, reviewed and endorsed by 7 US medical associations
Medexplorer - Links to medical resources including complementary medicine, self-help and support groups
Medic Direct - Interactive site hosted by UK medical consultants providing comprehensive health information
Medical Conferences - Details of more than 7,000 major international medical conferences, searchable by topic, location and date
Medical World Search - Allows searches over a range of high quality medical sites, using a medical thesaurus and ranking results on relevance       

Medicine Online - Interactive multimedia service for information on cancer and soon other diseases such as diabetes, depression & headaches. Also links to other healthcare information services
MedicineNet.com - Health news & medical resources produced by doctors, with a database covering 400 diseases & treatments
Medidesk - Medical and healthcare information for GPs, including local and national guidelines, best practice in primary care, plus tools for managing the business side of general practice
Medisearch - UK medical search engine and site for healthcare professionals looking for authoritative medical info
MEDLINE+ - Free access to search 7 biomedical databases - AIDS, CancerLit, Bioethnicsline, HealthSTAR etc
Medscape - Online resource for better patient care
Merck Manual - Medical reference site including sections on sports medicine & hospice medicine
NetDoctor - UK medical information on illnesses, drug treatments, expert advice, Q&A sessions, support groups and interactive 'self-testing'. Edited by leading doctors and medical specialists
New Medical Sites - Latest pages on medicine
Omni - Searchable medical information from quality-controlled sources, funded by organisations such as the Wellcome Trust
Online Medical Dictionary - Searchable medical dictionary with entries in alphabetical sequence or by subject area
Patient Education Resources - Comprehensive collection of reports and patient leaflets covering symptoms & treatment options for many diseases
Patient UK - Health information for the public on diseases, self-help and support groups plus links to professional organisations
PharmInfoNet Disease Centers - Links organised by medical specialty and specific diseases & medical conditions
Royal College of Physicians CME database - Searchable listing of continuing medical education courses
Society for the Internet in Medicine - Applications of the Internet in the fields of medical sciences and healthcare practice & management
SOS Health - Health information for Southend-on Sea area, with details of GP practices, NHS trusts, self-help groups & patient associations
Surgerydoor - Comprehensive information about health, treatments and NHS services from patient groups, the Doctor Patient Partnership, the former Health Education Authority and edited by a team led by TV doc Dr Mark Porter. Contains an electronic version of the NHS Home Healthcare Guide, listings of local health services & maps and health-related weather forecasts
TRIP database - A searchable database which includes:- Bandolier, ARIF, Effective Healthcare, Scottish Health Purchasing Information Centre, Oxamweb, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and others
UK Bodywork Links - Index of complementary therapy/alternative medicine sites eg iridology, holistic medicine, osteopathy        

UK Health Centre - Links to healthcare & medical sites in the UK/worldwide, with resources for health professionals and patients
UKMedW3 - The gateway to medicine on the Web
Virtual Hospital - 350 peer-reviewed books and booklets, including colour slides
Webdoctor - Comprehensive library of documents & websites divided into specialties & diseases with links to online journals, image databases, case studies etc

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