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Wansford was one of the first surgeries in the country to introduce online GP appt booking with our original system in 2001

On 1st May, 2006, we introduced an improved appointments and repeat prescriptions system - a 24 hour on-line service called EMIS ACCESS.

During October2014 the previous online appointment and prescription systems  will move from EMISonline to Systmone online. If you have an existing id and password this should still work on the new site. However for this upgrade online services will not be available from 15-21st October 2014 as we move computer system.

The new service is more efficient, both for the patient and for the practice, and one which we feel is a great step forward. The main advantages are:

a) Same day booking for on-line appointments
b) More on-line appointments available offering a wider range
of appointment times
c) The bookings/repeat prescriptions are automated and communicate securely with our computer system

It’s quick and easy to use, but to get started, you must first register your details at reception, so that you can be issued with a Registration Letter.

This will contain your personal Pin Number and Access ID to allow you internet access. It’s obviously very important that only genuine patients are registered, so this Registration Letter can only be obtained IN PERSON at Reception. Please bring with you a form of identification – e.g. Driving Licence, Utility Bill – something with your name and address on.
New appointment booking system - needs registration

One appointment is needed for each patient and each appointment is normally for ten minutes. Please ask to see the doctor you usually consult as this will help with continuity of care. However, in an emergency, or with acute illness, a patient may be offered appointments with another doctor. If you cannot keep the appointment you have made, please let the receptionist know as soon as possible so that the appointment may be given to someone else. We try to keep to time with appointments. If you are kept waiting, we apologise. The doctor may be dealing with an emergency, or a complicated problem. If there is a delay and this creates a problem please talk to the receptionist.

Please note we are an active GP training practice so you may be given an appointment with a GP registrar who is a fully qualified doctor who is undertaking special training under our supervision Some surgeries are recorded on video for teaching purposes. You will always be informed about this and video will only be recorded with your consent.

If you need special procedures such as minor operations cryotherapy you should confirm your appointment is suitable by ringing 01780 782342




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