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The surgery Patient participation group, Communicare, was established in 1981 by Dr Holland and Mrs Clare Wagstaffe who saw the benefit of patient involvement within the Practice. Clare has remained active in the group since then currently as secretary as well being Secretary of the National Association of PPGs. Our PPG is one of the oldest in the country and has had with its 33rd Annual General meeting

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  Patient participation group Communicare met and agreed a constitution in 2013


(Wansford & Kings Cliffe Surgery Patient Group)

Next meeting is 3rd September 2014 6.30pm at Wansford surgery

This is the Annual General Meeting

All patients are invited to attend this meeting and take
an active part in the proceedings and discussions.
Regular agenda items include finance, transport,
healthcare matters, equipment purchase and AOB

We know have the full results of the recent patient survey as required by Department of health to monitor the quality of services offered in GP practices

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The report submitted to NHS England summarising our the survey processs and action points agreed with PPG

can be downloaded here

COMMUNICARE                                                            January 2014

The meeting of Communicare held in January had a presentation on the new ‘111’ service detailed how it would operate, outlining various pathways that will be followed subsequent to a call being made to the local handling centre.  The whole concept is to eliminate both unnecessary multiple phone calls as well as reducing numbers using local ED departments.  Dr Takhar enhanced the presentation with additional information, but the actual launch date is still unclear – this may be announced shortly and patients will be kept informed – an extensive media coverage is planned when this happens. 
Dr Takhar confirmed that final permission from the underground gas pipe company to proceed with completion of  the new carpark was expected within the next two weeks.
The new ‘stand-alone’ Blood pressure monitoring machine at Wansford is now operative. There will be forms available from reception to complete and hand back together with the printout from the machine – reception staff will assess the results shown and decide whether there is a necessity foran appointment with a nurse or doctor.  Leaflets are also being produced on guidance for using the machines both at Wansford and Kings Cliffe.
Communicare has covered the cost of renewing the Cryosurgery contract for a further three years (£1700). A question was raised whether this service could be offered out to other practices for a fee - Dr Takhar confirmed that liquid nitrogen could be supplied in canisters for use elsewhere, but as there are no budgets available to cover costs, he was doubtful that other surgeries would take up this offer.
The report on the Borderline Patient Forum gave details of a presentation by the Carerstrust Cambridgeshire Crossroads service.  This organisation provides respite care to all age groups following completion of a prescription by a doctor and relevant assessment of need.  After one respite session Crossroads follow-up to ascertain any ongoing support requirement.  Dr Takhar gave information on a local group in Oundle called Carers Support - In Oundle the Carers Cafe meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at Oundle MIND, 1 Herne Park, East Road, PE8 4BX between 1pm - 3pm Tel 01933 677837  email:carers@northamptonshire-carers.org   Website: www.northamptonshire-carers.org
The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Borderline forum are due to be elected in April  – the existing Chairman, Michael Bacon, has indicated his willingness to be nominated for re-election - other nominations had to be lodged by mid-January – any patient who has been a member of a PPG for over 12 months would be eligible for nomination. Although the closing date for this year’s election will have closed by this publication date – if any patient feels they are able to contribute to the important work of this forum, please contact the Secretary, Clare Wagstaffe on superfoguk@aol.com.
Dr Takhar gave a presentation on the Care Quality Commission which began its work in April 2013, visiting practices, hospitals, care homes, etc. to verify standards of location, operation, care, cleanliness, etc.  As a visit has been made recently to Oundle surgery, it is anticipated that Wansford may be assessed shortly – this can be done without prior warning although usually 2/3 days notice is given.  Talking to patients is involved – either by virtue of their being in the waiting room at the time or by pre-arrangement to attend. Several patients indicated willingness to take part.
Dr Takhar gave information regarding diabetic eye-screening –progress has been made for Wansford/Kings Cliffe patients to be referred to Peterborough in future, instead of Kettering area. The screening team have asked the PPG to confirm they still support the switch as it was originally requested in 2010 and there will need to be care taken for safe transition with transfer of existing data.
A patient raised the question of the future of Kings Cliffe surgery – Dr Takhar confirmed that currently the surgery will remain as it is – recent update work has brought the premises up to acceptable standard – but he did not rule out possible relocation at some time in the future based on further planned development within the village. The aim was to keep costs manageable whilst maintaining local services and he felt it was particularly important to retain the local surgeries rather than being incorporated into much larger practices around the Peterborough area.
The Social Group continue to hold their monthly coffee mornings at Kings Cliffe Active Hall on the third  Friday at 10am – all newcomers welcome.

COMMUNICARE report March 2013

The meeting held on 6th March attended by over twenty patients was addressed by the guest speaker, Mr. Michael Bacon, Chairman of the Borderline Patient Forum. Mr. Bacon gave a brief history of the forum and its predecessor, the Borderline Trust which was formed by 11 practices who felt the need to identify separately from others in Peterborough.  The current forum, made up of two representatives from each of the participating eight practices, through the chairman or his deputy, has the right of veto on the Local Commissioning Board thereby being able to influence future policy. He stressed the importance of two-way communication so that patient views will be heard once the new NHS structure comes into effect next month.  The Borderline LCG, sometimes in collaboration with the Peterborough LCG, will be promoting various projects and if relevant will be looking for patient involvement – information about these will be circulated and volunteers sought who perhaps have personal experience of the subject matter. Following several questions and discussion, Mr. Bacon concluded his talk by referring to the bi-monthly Borderline ‘Jamboree’ which is open to all patients and where many pertinent subjects are raised for discussion.

Planning permission has now been granted for the new car park and work should commence later this month on site landscaping.  Dr Takhar reported that although funds had been received from the Strategic Health Authority towards this project, nothing had been forthcoming for a new 24hour ECG machine.  It was agreed that Communicare funds would cover the cost of this purchase. The group very gratefully received a substantial donation from a patient at the meeting in memory of her husband, who had expressed the wish that funds should be used for providing relevant support to the practice as appreciation for the care and attention given during his illness. 

Dr. Takhar reported that the recent annual patient survey had been completed by 281 patients, 20% online.  The overall result was slightly better than last year, with a 92% satisfaction rate – 5% not sure, and only 1% expressing poor opinion of the practice. 98.5% were confident of and trusted the service given, but a small percentage felt that they were not involved enough in decisions on care. The national project of certain age group healthchecks was continuing – over the last three months over 500 patients had been seen. Dr. Takhar asked that patients appreciated factors contributing to appointment times running late – doctors were required to deal with incoming telephone queries and other emergency situations. It was noted that a new national telephone number (111) would be coming into action on 1st April – this replaces the old NHS Helpline -  this service is not for making local appointments which will remain by direct contact with the surgery.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday  8th May 2013 when Dr. A. Takhar  will give a short talk on  ‘Reducing the Risk’ – an outline of advice and action in the prevention of common conditions such as high blood pressure, strokes, liver & kidney disease, diabetes, cholesterol, etc

A meeting has been held of all the voluntary drivers to discuss the Transport Scheme – it was agreed to continue the current arrangements – patients should contact Wansford reception to make a booking, giving at least 24 hours notice – charges will remain as published, with the exception of where no Tixover based driver is available to undertake a journey from that area, when a surcharge of £2 will be made to cover the extra mileage cost.  New drivers are always being sought – if you could spare a few hours a month and live in one of the local villages please let the reception staff at Wansford have your details – any help would be much appreciated.

The Social Group continues to meet for coffee mornings on the third Friday of each month in Yarwell village hall at 10am.  The spring coach holiday leaves on 29th April, staying four nights at the Redworth Hall Hotel near Durham – excellent four star accommodation with daily excursions – further details please contact Clare Wagstaffe – Tel: 01780 470 email superfoguk@aol.com. Bookings are now being taken for the early autumn holiday – please see separate advert on this.


COMMUNICARE                report                                                                           January 2013

The meeting held early in January was attended by officers, surgery staff and ten patients. Plans for the new car park will be resubmitted to the Planning Authority at the end of the month after which it is hoped the project can go ahead. One comment had been received from Yarwell Parish Council suggesting the replacement of border hedging by open fencing to allow better sight vision and it was confirmed that all lighting on the site will be low level.
Due to technical problems the annual patient survey had been delayed but will commence by the middle of the month. Patients can complete the survey online or obtain a paper copy from Reception at Wansford – it will also be distributed with repeat prescriptions. A minimum of 240 require completion and notices will be posted encouraging patients to take part.
Funds had increased by nearly three hundred pounds and further donations were expected shortly.
Following a complaint regarding unavailability of ECG machines at either surgery, Dr. Nally confirmed that the practice was still awaiting the outcome of a request for capital grant monies to cover the purchase of new machines. Hopefully the grant will also cover ultrasound hardware and software for DVT investigation – this would allow patients to be treated at the surgery instead of visiting hospital.
Following discussion on current arrangements for patients requesting transport and subsequent allocation of journeys to voluntary drivers, it was clear that some clarification was needed. A meeting will be arranged for all drivers, co-ordinators and relevant reception staff from Wansford surgery to discuss protocol and iron out any problems or queries that may arise.  It was confirmed that free parking is now available at Peterborough Hospital for voluntary drivers – carpark tickets must be validated at the appropriate desk and then put through the exit machine.
A redrafted formal constitution document had been circulated taking into account concerns and suggestions made at the November meeting, with particular reference to rotation of officers.  It was unanimously agreed that the proposed constitution be accepted subject to an amendment to clarify expenditure and a final draft will be published in conjunction with the notice of an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting to be held following the next meeting in March.
Dr. Nally announced that she is taking a six-month sabbatical to join a team of doctors, health and social workers on a pilot scheme in Peterborough and Borderline areas researching the care of elderly people at home. A new doctor, Janine Mountain, will be joining the practice together with additional help from Mike Henchy, recently retired from Bretton surgery.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday  6th March 2013 when Michael Bacon, the chairman of the Borderline Patient Forum, has agreed to give a talk on the new health care structure and how the Forum operates.   This will be followed by an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting with a single item agenda – to adopt the proposed new formal constitution.
Around fifty people enjoyed the Social Group’s post-Xmas lunch early in January – the next coffee morning will be on Friday 15th February in Yarwell village hall at 10am.  The first of this year’s two short break coach holidays is planned for 29th April, staying four nights at the Redworth Hall Hotel in the countryside near Durham – this is excellent four star accommodation where the group has visited before and within easy reach of beautiful scenery and the Northumbrian coast. Anyone interested please contact Clare Wagstaffe – Tel: 01780 470 email superfoguk@aol.com.

Wendy Spencer


The Wansford and Kings Cliffe Patient participation group Communicare is now using a webshop to help raise money

Spend And Raise - Communicare - Wansford and Kings Cliffe PPG

Exciting news! The patient partipication group is now fundraising using a webshop. All funds raised will be used by Communicare to support activities or purchases for the benefit of the patient of Wansford surgery

When shopping online, you can access over 100 leading retailers - such as BT, Thorntons, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis - using our webshop. Every time you use our webshop to go to a retailer’s web site and subsequently buy something, you’ll automatically earn money for us!

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"The people have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care......We have more to offer doctors than our illnesses."


How does it work?

A forum which encourages open discussion of changes and ideas within the practice. We are not a forum for clinical complaint - but we can defuse more general concerns through open discussion. There are many more schemes which Communicare, in association with the Practice, could develop - but we need VOLUNTEERS to continue the great work already underway! Your Practice Needs You, whether you can help in a small or large way . We would appreciate your involvement. Please contact Clare Wagstaffe by email superfoguk@aol.com   or tel 01780 470437 for further information

Major developments:

The establishment of a voluntary transport scheme, taking patients to and from surgeries and hospitals.                                                                                               

  An elderly patient Group: Laxton Clinic, which provides a monthly social gathering, day trips and short holidays                                                                                                

Increased patient involvement with the Primary Health Care Team which has resulted in donations of over 40,000. This has funded the purchase of numerous items of equipment: eg. a treatment couch, nebulisers, ECG machines, ripple mattresses, syringe drivers and patient information leaflets. These items are in constant use and benefit patients every day.

buttonWe purchased an echocardiogram machine  for use in heart problem diagnosis along with contributions from the Harry Cureton Charitable trust and the British Heart Foundation- Cheque donations should be made to Communicare
Details from Clare Wagstaffe   or tel 01780 470437 for further information


(Wansford & Kings Cliffe Surgery Patient Participation Group – PPG)
Minutes of 32nd AGM held at Wansford Surgery – Wednesday 5th September 2012 PRESENT
Heather Gough, Clare Wagstaffe, Gilbert Markley, Wendy Spencer, Dr. A. Takhar, Dr. R. Nally, Mrs. D. Roberts (Practice Manager), George Russell (Auditor) + 14 patients

Dr. N. Hume, Dr. C Jones, Mrs. C. El-Dakroni  , Mr & Mrs Rowntree, P. Wright

Proposed to be a true record by Maureen Bird seconded by Dr Caddick.

a) Mr. Peake raised the matter of online purchasing – Dr. Takhar confirmed that as yet no funds had been transferred to Communicare – this was probably due to the amount involved of 1% of the total purchase price being fairly insignificant and a minimum figure of £50 required before transfer.

b) Kings Cliffe Surgery:  Mr. Hellard stressed the need to maintain pressure on all those groups involved in implementing the new healthcare strategies, in particular to ascertain the policy to be adopted by Borderline on branch surgeries.  Dr. Nally stated that as far as they were aware no firm strategy had yet been announced but this might be forthcoming when the new LCG and CCG came into force on 1st April next year. All practices had to be registered with the Care Quality Commission by the end of this October and it was expected that they would visit KC next April.  Certain work had now been completed to improve the premises, but any future developments were still not known.

Copies of report circulated to all present – Heather spoke about the various guest speakers that had attended meetings during the year, the ongoing carparking situation and the successful Xmas lunch in January – she thanked Gilbert for organizing this and his work as treasurer, Wendy for her reporting, and Clare for all her time and efforts on the social side.

Clare reported on the year’s social activities and her continuing involvement with Borderline – the forum for patient groups within the LCG, which meets on a monthly basis. She confirmed that the new Communicare leaflet has now been published and is being circulated around the villages within their magazines. Clare also reported on the receipt of a letter from George Russell, the auditor, which became the subject of discussion within the Treasurer’s report on these minutes.
Wendy’s report reiterated many points already made by the Chairperson and Secretary. She again thanked the village magazine editors for regular publication of reports and for their co-operartion in distributing the new leaflet.
Both the Secretary’s and Minute Secretary’s report copied and circulated to all present.

A set of audited accounts were copied and circulated.  Gilbert highlighted the main points, in particular the increase in receipts from the Social Group’s coffee mornings due to the new transport arrangements which do not require payment for a coach.  Equipment purchase was considerably less than the previous year, but donations had increased. The balance carried forward is £6632, with the value of the Charifund Units decreasing by approx. £85.  Gilbert thanked George Russell for completing the audit.


A letter had been received by Clare Wagstaffe from George Russell, following his audit of the annual accounts.  This registered his disagreement with a donation made by Communicare in March of £4000 towards the cost of providing more car park spaces at Wansford surgery.  He felt that monies donated by patients or their relatives was given to be used for the benefit of patients, and whilst increasing carparking facility at Wansford would be helpful, it would also enhance the value of a privately owned property, which of course is not the purpose of Commmunicare.  He also stated that in his opinion Communicare should have a formal constitution which would cover its future activities.
Gilbert confirmed that he had received a number of complaints from past donors regarding the payment of this money to the car park fund who felt that it should have been used for equipment purchase or similar uses.
It was therefore proposed by Clare Wagstaffe and seconded by Madeline Stewart that this donation should be rescinded – the money had not yet been allocated and should remain in Communicare funds – all agreed.  Dr. Takhar stated that in view of the controversy over this matter, the practice would not accept any further monies for purposes of this kind until such time as the formal constitution sets out future policy.
Gilbert reported that the scheme was continuing to operate successfully but with less volunteers – efforts should be made to try to recruit extra drivers.  However he reported that a problem was occurring with patients contacting drivers directly and not requesting transport through the surgery reception – reception staff were also arranging free hospital transport for patients when the Communicare scheme could respond – Mrs. Roberts agreed to investigate this matter.
Two volunteer drivers in attendance at the meeting, Mrs. Hellard and Mrs. Stewart, complained about the distances they were asked to travel and also non-payment of the charges.  Agreed that drivers should be instructed not to take calls from patients, Gilbert to provide a list of the formal points for reception staff, payment by patients to be formalised and new volunteers to be sought via newsletters.

All reports were proposed for acceptance by ????, seconded by ?????.

From the floor it was suggested that if the present incumbents were willing to stand for a further term of office, they should continue for the coming year.  As there were no other nominations, and all officials indicated their willingness to continue, proposed by Charles Stewart and seconded by Madeline Stewart that all should be reinstated – unanimously agreed.
Chairperson                Heather Gough
Vice-Chairperson        Wendy Spencer
Secretary                    Clare Wagstaffe
Minute Secretary        Wendy Spencer
Treasurer                    Gilbert Markley
Auditor                         George Russell

Following a comment in the letter from the auditor, George Russell, regarding the lack of a formal constitution, Clare informed the meeting that this action had never been taken since the inception of Communicare, but she felt that the time had now come to put matters on a more formal footing. To this end she had downloaded a number of constitutions from the NAPP website which could be used as a guide for drawing up this document.
It was proposed by David Hellard seconded by Heather Gough and all agreed that a small sub-group would be formed to consider the content of this document and a draft would be presented to a future meeting for consideration by all patients before adoption. Clare Wagstaffe, David Hellard, Charles Stewart (and if agreeable, Philip Wright) will form the sub-group, who will meet shortly and report back, hopefully at the November meeting.

It was noted that the annual patient survey was due to be completed this autumn and Clare reported that the Borderline forum had instructed that patients be asked for any additional questions they felt should be included.  She had emailed all available patients but had received limited response – relevant suggestions would be passed to the Practice Manager for possible inclusion.

a)  Richard Bannister raised a point regarding location of services and the need to attend Diabetic Eye Screening in Northants which was not convenient, when more local provision was available in Peterborough or Stamford.  Dr.Nally confirmed that when the new healthcare regime came into force next April, this situation will hopefully be resolved, but she was actively pursuing the matter with Borderline and LCG.

b) Anthony Percey commented on the difficulties experienced by patients having to attend Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge due to the transport situation on the A14.  It was suggested that use of the new guided bus service from St. Ives could be a solution -  a review of all modes of transport available to the various hospital locations could be published in village newsletters.

c) Clare proposed that reimbursement for telephone costs should be offered to Gilbert for his work on the transport scheme – this was declined.

d) Proposed by Mrs. Caddick, seconded by Mrs. Hellard and all agreed that the printing costs of the new leaflet should be covered by Communicare funds - £223.

e) Dr. Nally made the following requests for purchasing equipment :
            Two finger oxygen monitors for children at cost of approx £120 each – proposed by
            David Hellard, seconded by Heather Gough – all agreed.
Replacement of the Defibrillator Unit at the Kings Cliffe surgery – present one now obsolete - at cost of approx. £1200 – proposed by Mrs. Caddick, seconded by Mrs. Stewart – all agreed.

f) Dates of future meetings for 2012/13 agreed:
            Wednesday 7th November 2012                    Wednesday 8th May 2013
            Wednesday 9th January 2013                                    Wednesday 3rd July 2013
            Wednesday 6th March 2013                           Wednesday 4th September 2013(AGM)
It was agreed that a formal agenda for each meeting incorporating notification of any particular matters to be discussed, should be circulated by whatever means possible to patients in advance of these meetings, by email, village newsletter and on surgery notice boards.
The matter of Statin prescribing was raised . It was agreed that the Doctors would arrange a Presentation on ‘the use of Statins’ at a future meeting (date to be confirmed)


There being no further business, the Chairperson thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.30pm



Wednesday 7th  November at Wansford Surgery – 6.30 p.m.





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