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PRACTICE: The Wansford and Kings Cliffe Surgeries at Yarwell Road,Wansford and West Street, Kings Cliffe (The Practice).

NAME: The name of the group shall be The Wansford and Kings Cliffe Patient Participation Group  -Communicare(The Group)

ASSOCIATION: The Group is affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P.).

BORDERLINE:The name of the Clinical Commissioning Group to which the Practice currently belongs.

OBJECTS: To support and assist The Practice in promoting and fostering the highest standards of health, community well being and related healthcare provision for the inhabitants of the area covered by the Practice; in so doing to represent and safeguard the interests of those receiving and those eligible to receive care, treatment and associated services provided by the Practice, the NHS or any qualified provider; to play an active role in the Borderline Patient Forum established by Borderline and / or any other body or organization replacing it.

AIMS:     1. COMMUNICATION: The Group may act as a communication channel between The Practice and the communities it serves,in order to help patients use facilities to the best advantage and the Practice to implement policies influenced by representative patient views; the Group shall complement The Practice’s working relationship within Borderline and /or any successor body by maintaining representation on and input to the Borderline Patient Forum and / or other patient group.

2. COMMUNITY NEEDS: The Group may assist The Practice in identifying community ‘needs’ to help facilitate the continuing improvement of local healthcare services.

3. HEALTH EDUCATION: The Group may help to identify potential needs in the community for appropriate health education activities or projects.

4.LOBBYING:The Group may, in consultation with The Practice, lobby on behalf of community concerns or proposals appropriate to the development, maintenance and delivery of relevant healthcare services.[This shall not include the pursuit of individual clinical issues.]

5. FUND RAISING: The Group may act as a focus for fund raising activities.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open and free to all patients of The Practice.

OFFICERS: There shall be fiveelected Officers- a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Communications Officer and Treasurer:
Save as hereinafter set out, they shall be nominated and elected every two years at the AGM of the Group. The Officers shall not hold office for more than four years consecutively, unless requested by a two-thirds majority of Members present and voting at an AGM. The Officers may fill any casual vacancy occurring among their number until the next AGM of the Group. The Vice Chairman and Communications Officer in office at the date hereof, as set out in the Schedule hereto, shall continue to hold that office until the AGM to be held in 2013 ProvidedAlways that the Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer as at the date hereof shall hold their office until the AGM to be held in 2014

MANAGEMENT OF GROUP AFFAIRS: The Officers shall be empowered to manage the affairs of the Group and to take any action on its behalf to further its aims. To this end, the Officers may convene such ad hoc sub committees or working parties(with or without appropriate co-options) as they deem appropriate and authorize appropriate incidental expenditure of funds with written reports of activities undertaken being given at the next Group meeting.
MEETINGS: The Group shall meet not less than 4 times per year – one such meeting to be the AGM. The Practiceshall always be invited to attend at Group meetings, represented by both Professional and Administrative staff. Such Practice members shall not however be eligible to vote. The quorum for any meeting shall be 7 members.

BORDERLINE PATIENT FORUM: The Group shall maintain involvement with the Patient Forum of the Local Commissioning Group to whichthe Practice for the time being belongs and / or any other body or organization replacing it. Participation shall be through attendance of any two nominated Officers.
FINANCE: In the event that the Group raises funds, all such funds collected by the Group shall be handed to the Treasurer who shall pay the same into an account in the name of the Group at such bank or building society as Officers may from time to time decide.
Any two Officers of the Committee may sign all cheques.
Out of pocket expenses on behalf of the Group shall be claimed at any Committee meeting.
An independent auditor shall be appointed at each AGM.
Annual associate membership shall be paid to N.A.P.P.
The Group may approve expenditure in line with its Objects & Aims and such other incidental expenditure as the Officers may propose.
Any equipment purchased out of funds raised or received by The Group for use within The Practice shall remain in the ownership of The Group but responsibility for maintenance, insurance and security shall rest with The Practice.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: An AGM shall be held annually. Notice of the day, time and place will be given via the Surgery notice boards, local Newsletters, Practice website and any other appropriate and available means.

EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS: On the written request of not less than seven members sent to the Secretary requiring an EGM, the Secretary shall issue a notice within seven days of receiving the requirement to all members nominating a date within 28 days of the issue of the notice, fixing a date, time and place for the EGM to be held and giving details of the purpose of said EGM. Notice shall be as for an AGM.

REPORT & ACCOUNTS: The Officers shall present at each Annual General Meeting a report of the activities of the Group during the previous year, with a statement of accounts, if any, up to the end of the financial year on 30th September preceding the date of the AGM.

DISSOLUTION: If upon winding up or dissolution of the Group there remain, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any assets remain, they shall be given or transferred to the parent charity or such other charitable institution or institutions, having similar objects to The Group, as the Group shall determine

NOTICE & APPLICATION OF CONSTITUTION: Any member of the Group shall upon request be supplied with a copy of this Constitution.

ALTERATION TO THE CONSITUTION: This Constitution may be rescinded or amended or waived by a resolution passed at an AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting, of which proper notice shall have been given to all members, by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting. Provided that no alteration shall be made which would cause the Group to cease to be affiliated to National Association for Patient Participation.

SIGNED on behalf of the Group:
The Schedule  :As from March 6th 2013, the Officers of the Group are:
Chairman - Mrs Heather Gough
Vice Chairman – Rev David Parkes
Communications Officer - Mrs Wendy Spencer
Secretary - Mrs ClareWagstaffe
Treasurer - Mr Gilbert Markley





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